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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  October 6, 2012 10:30pm-11:30pm EDT

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10-point lead. >> charles: just look at how the front is handled. i'm talking about all the way through for west virginia. 88 in the back field is clay. goes right through and gives buie all the space he needs and more to put west virginia firmly in control of this contest. and we have seen career performances from a number of players tonight. andrew buie headlines it, i think, for west virginia. >> gus: andrew buie. 31 carries, 207 yards rushing, two touchdowns, now averaging 6.7 yards per carry. nobody happier than that man. geno smith. >> charles: how about the way they closed it out, going down field. running the football. they got a couple big throws from smith. especially the second
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and 11 throw, otherwise, buie the offensive line full back took control in the last tree minutes of the game. >> gus: west virginia out scoring texas 14-0 here in the fourth quarter. after the missed feel goal. by texas. west virginia going on an eight-play 76 yard drive, eating up 4:07 and this one shifts forward. fielded at the 26 by roberson. roberson, with running room andwill get inside mountaineer territory, with 1:12 to go, texas with two time-outs. >> charles: that s after the last touchdown geno smith ended up in front of the west virginia
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crowd section and celebrating with them, now skipping back to the bench. in case you had questions about west virginia and the big 12 before, i think they are being answered in a big way this evening. >> gus: ash, near side, mike davis steps out of bounds. >> charles: west virginia will take that, anything in front. that's all they care about now, when you look at the secondary. they will play extra deep. keeping it all in front, coming up, make the tackles is their mantra right now. >> gus: mike davis again. >> charles: being smart, working the sideline, trying to keep the two time-outs in their pocket. they will need it if they score and are successful with an on side kick. >> gus: first down at the 38. david ash. in trouble. here is hill. and hill goes down at the 27. >> charles: first down
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so they get a little stoppage in play to move the chains. >> gus: longhorns to the line quickly. ash. flips it off to hill again, he is trying get outside and does at the 20. >> charles: last two plays by ash. almost takes us back to when the wish bone was king here at texas, except he is flipping it forward, instead of laterally or behind down the line. >> gus: second down and three. david ash. goes up top and in the corner. he had it. but he could not hold on. >> charles: like pat miller out on the corner again, made the
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fourth down stop a couple series ago. now he plays it here. gets just enough of the football and also got the arm of ship will ly, so he could not get his hands on it as it bobbled and bounced. >> gus: ash, scrambling, looking. inside the ten. and texas continuing to fight as the longhorns call a time-out. one time-out remaining for matt brown. don't forget, coming up after the game, stay tuned for the at&t fox saturday college post game show. they will cover all of today's action.
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including the blow. the irish continuing to play well. battle between nebraska and ohio state. >> gus: first down and goal for texas. now the west virginia eight. david ash. in trouble. stays on his feet. looking and end zone. touchdown texas! goodwin! and this one is not over. 15 seconds to go.
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incredible agility by david ash to keep it alive. >> charles: we saw the payoff on the play, what you described was how david ash took the hit and spun away from it, out of trouble, out of the pocket, to keep the play alive. >> gus: anthony fera. trying to make it a three-point ball game. 15 seconds to play in the fourth. and you know what is coming here? >> charles: it has to be on the side kick, remember, things have changed now, they are giving more protection to the receiving team. so, now, if you are a receiving team, you can signal for a fair catch if the ball bounces once off the turf, remember with all the high hopper that you wanted. doesn't matter if it's kicked off the tee or however, once it has the one hop in, the
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receiving team can signal fair catch. and just cover the football. they will try to get it along the ground to if i understand a way to get to the football -- to find a way to get to the football. if they signal fair catch, you cannot hit them. >> gus: that was my next question. 48-45, 15 seconds remaining. mac brown. looking for that signature win, texas loft 17 straight games. dating back two years. including an 0-4 mark last season. kansas and oklahoma state. and just last week, didn't it feel like a signature win? >> charles: turned out they were not raenked the top 25, so it did not go on the record, but now they have to find a way to get the on side kick. >> gus: west virginia on the other hand has won the last three games against ranked teams and its 11-6 since 2005, the fifth
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best record. >> charles: look at the team from west virginia, bailey, and woods. >> gus: two kickers line up, nick jordan 28, and nick rose 23. this one and recovered by the mountaineers. so a two-big 12 games, they defeated baylor, 70-63 at home and with 14 seconds remaining, they are in front of texas, 48-45. >> charles: and really, what a bounce back for west virginia's defense, getting torched by baylor last week. this isn't pretty, but
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down the stretch, they made the plays necessary to win the football game. including a couple of fourth down stops. >> gus: the west virginia mountaineers, first year in the big 12 in their first road game in conference play. and knocking off the 11th ranked longhorns. 48-45. let's go down stairs where we have geno smith. >> geno, congratulations on your win. one second. geno, congratulations on your win, what went right? >> a number of things
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went right, main thing was we stuck together, it was not pretty, but we came to a tough venue, against a tough team, and closed it out. >> you did not let up once. what kept you going? >> i have a great team and great coaches and they keep me up throughout the game. i fumbled twice and had that not happened we would have won it by more points. but, you know, they kept me up throughout the game and helped me out. >> thank you so much, congratulations. >> thank you. >> all right, julie, so, west virginia remaining undefeated as texas suffers their first loss of the year, 48-45 the final. mountaineers now let's go the erin an drups in our fox -- andrews in our fox studios. >> lots of big games around college football, we will get you updated on everything, there's a battle in the big ten with ohio state and
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game. tonight, students walk miles in search of question four. family and friends ban together for support in honor of brian glen. >> and the meningitis outbreak keeps on growing as health officials confirm another infection in maryland. we have the latest figures coming up. thank you for staying with us tonight. i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm laura evans. we begin with a fight for a dream. hundreds turned out for a rale, marching from langley park to the university of maryland in support of the maryland dream act. >> they're trying to ramp up support for question 4 on the november ballot, which would allow students from undocumented families to
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qualify for in-state tuition in the university system. karen gray houston has the story. >> we are the dreamers! might, might dreamers. >> reporter: the dream act. the development relief and education for alien minors. they rallied at the casade maryland multicultural center in langley park before marching to the university of maryland at college park. >> we have an argument on on the on [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: they spoke in english and spanish. [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: the largely hispanic crowd of demonstrators shared personal stories of their fears and angst of being undocumented immigrants. >> both of my parents were deported and i found myself lost. i found myself depressed. >> reporter: a co-sponsor of the legislation insisted it's not a giveaway. >> you must first graduate from a maryland high school. okay, your parents have to pay
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taxes. >> reporter: they were told the dream act has university support. >> it is a misconception that getting you the opportunity to go to college will keep other folks out. as a college president, i'm telling you it ain't true. >> reporter: it was five miles to the maryland campus, which many of the students hope to one day attend. these dreamers are not just marching. it's only's few weeks before the november general elections. y that also pushing and addressing voter registration and get out the vote campaign. >> looking forward to the vote because there is a lot on the ballot that would affect our community. >> reporter: supporters deny the dream act will create an amnesty program that rewards illegal immigration and protects gang members from deportation. >> it's not fair that a few apples bring down the whole tree. >> reporter: karen gray
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houston, fox news. police searching for a group of gunmen after five people were shot on a busy street. it happened on north capital street and new york avenue northwest. four is men and one man were -- four men and one injured were taken to the hospitals. they were standing to the sidewalk when the shots rang out. d.c. police are investigating a pair of robberies. the first within 10 -- at 10:00 p.m. on the 700 block of quincy street northeast. the man was approached by three suspects who robbed him and then 15 minutes later, another robbery two miles away in the 200 block of hamilton street in northwest and in that one, two men were robbed by two suspects. if you have any information in either case, police would like to hear from you. an upper marlboro man is under arrest accused of a sex offense involving a teenager. the police say the 54-year-old lured a teen ager into his vehicle by offering him money
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to wash the vehicle. he then drove to a car wash and committed a sexual offense on the teenager. he's charged with third-degree sexual offense and solicitation of a minor. also, prince georges police investigating a series of assaults. it happened after midnight on martin luther king highway. two men in their 30s got into a fight and began cutting each other with broken bottles. one man was taken by ambulance and the other had to be flown to the hospital. one victim is in serious condition tonight. anne arundel police are investigating an apparent fall in brooklyn park that left a man dead. it happened around 9:00 last night in the 6,000 block of ritchie highway. they found a 50-year-old in medical distress. an investigation indicates he was involved in a fight and he was later pronounced dead at the hospital. anyone with information, contact police. police in virginia are mourn wong of their own. the gone -year-old troop errand rue fox was killed is the night after he was hit by an suv while directing traffic at the
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state fair in hanover county. he's a virginiainateive when graduated from virginia tech and is survived by his wife, mother, sister, and step brother. the funeral arrangements have not been released. family and friends gathered in fairfax this afternoon for a vigil for a missing teenager. the 17-year-old brian glen has been missing since monday morning. he was last seen dropping his younger brother off at w.t. woodson hospital. the police found his car a mile and a half away and they reviewing surveillance video from a nearby duncan donuts. the police found a receipt in glen's car time stamped at 8:00 a.m. monday morn -- monday morning. in tonight's health alert, officials have identified a third patient infected with fungal meningitis after receiving a steroids injection. it's killed seven people and sickened more than 60 people across nine states. health officials say the contaminated shots may have been delivered to as many as 23
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states. and they fear thousands more could have been exposed. the latest on the focus of the washington baseball fan. tomorrow, 79 years to the day. d.c.'s last play-off game in the 1933 world series. the nationals will take to the field. >> yeah. >> in the post season. >> you remember that? >> no. >> we were not twinkles in our grandparents' eyes. no. >> this is an incredible time to be -- . >> it really is. >> and that is exciting. something, obviously, we haven't seen before and that is historic. >> exciting. >> and it's been a historic season already for the washington nationals. 98 wins, the best record in all of major league baseball. and the first-ever national east division crown. that was the regular season. now it's the post season and they ready to make more history. lindsay murphy is in st. louis on the eve of play-off game number one. >> reporter: good evening from st. louis. the nationals are the best team in baseball, and they have been for most of the season and that confidence will go a long way in the series against the
11:02 pm
reigning world series champions the cardinals. they have met seven times this season with the nationals winning four of the games. now, these are the biggest games. the mlbs begins tomorrow and the nats are ready. >> and that is a long season. that is a season filled with ups and downs and never had a chance to go to the ups and downs and have more games to play and that is definitely a good feeling and exciting feeling. and i think everyone in this room thinks that, you know, we have a long way to go still. and i think we have to keep playing the game like we have played it all year and we'll be fine. >> and to play the game we're playing all year and not try to change anything, you know. we have the best record in baseball and that means nothing now, you know. i think starting at 00 and this is a brand-new series, brand- new record and, you know, i think it's going to be fun. >> you know, my thing here is -- and what i tell most young guys is that we're in this
11:03 pm
position for a reason. you know, the best thing in baseball here and it's obviously worked. >> reporter: geo gonzalez, the nats 21-game winner gets the start tomorrow in game one of a potential five-game series. from st. louis, lindsay murphy, fox 5 sports. >> thanks, lindsay. the first pitch from saint louse at 3:00 and it's a big day around here. >> yeah. >> the redskins are hosting the game at 1:00 against the falcons, so, if you're a d.c. sports fan -- . >> whiplash. >> that's right, and can't wait to see what is going on to happen. >> and might be happening for a change. >> really? yeah. >> and hoping the redskins are in it. >> right. right. >> we're not talking baseball anymore. the orioles are going up north. a great time. >> yes, we do. >> not sure we do. >> we had our jerseys. thanks, babe. >> sure, you all. okay, let's check on our forecast now and turn things over to gwen tolbert. chilling out. >> yes. >> and definitely is. you're right, laura. today, we had sunshine and it
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was mild outside. we had gusty winds we dealt, however. things are taking a turn and this is our fox 5 accuweather satellite radar composite for you. clouds are rolling in in the course of tonight and that will be mostly cloudy into the overnight hours. wore going to be -- we're going to keep our eyes on the skies and that is behind a frontal system that pushed its way off of the coast and that brought gusty winds with it today and that will start to stirrup changes and this is a look at the daytime highs. eighty degrees at reagan national; 77, dulles; 79, bwi- thurgood marshal. the temperatures from 6 to 9 degrees above the seasonal average and that is not the case through tomorrow. currently, we have 50 degrees at baltimore; 55, quantico; 56 in the nation's capitol; 47, martinsburg and 53 degrees at dulles this hour and feeling a cooed evening out there. becoming mostly cloudy, there is a slight chance we can see rain in the overnight hours, a
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light shower or two popping up. 49 degrees for the leave night low and mainly, the changes into the forecast as we head into tomorrow. i will have the full details of what you can expect and a look at the all-important seven-day forecast. back to you. >> all right, thanks, gwinn. is the -- gwen. still to come, two major automobile recalls to pass along and a historic reunion in maryland. the students who attended segregated schools decades ago came together sharing heartwarming stories and life lessons. >> plus, five terror suspects are in the u.s. ha that is coming up next when the news continues. we'll be right back. be right b
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we've been able to see 2,000 more patients. some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will. save up to 15% on an ikea kitchen. . there was an emotional union today for black students who attended segregated schools in montgomery county between 1967 and 1960. they in their 70s, 80s, and 90s now but some still remember the day like it was yesterday.
11:09 pm
>> whenever i hear your voice, it takes things back to rock hill. >> reporter: the voice billy gordon will remember belongs to his kindergarten teacher, annie rhodes. from e then segregated rock terrace elementary school in rockville. >> i was tough on them, but they knew i loved them. and they invite me to weddings and baby showers and all of that. so i know i am loved, you know, as well. but it makes me very proud to so them and see how they suck seeded. -- to so how they succeeded. >> reporter: the two were together again at a historic reunion for county students who attend ised on attended segregated schools. mean hare said the transition to integrated schools was difficult. >> i went to broom union high school. and there were negative experiences every single day for the school year. >> reporter: gordon visually
11:10 pm
changeed schools and thrived. he's now the assistant principal at herbert hoover middle school in the county and has been with the school system for 32 years. he credits the teacher's from the segregated schools with his success and that of so many others at the reunion. >> and just being able to recognize them periodically. and that is just heartwarming for me. >> reporter: and this is -- [ indiscernible ] sentiment echoed by the keynote speaker, reverend jane wood, another rock harris alum. >> if it's -- will you in. >> reporter: life lessons that got these students through difficult times in school and in life. from segregated schools to an integrated society. >> reporter: think the important lesson is to respect diversity. and anothers' culture that all of us bring an excellent gift tthe table. >> reporter: as the former student and teachers of the
11:11 pm
schools from 50 year ago, as they grow older, reunions like this will be more important. so much so that plans are in the works for the next one. odd rebarnes, fox 5 news. -- audrey barnes, fox 5 news. and now a court date is set for a radical preacher and four other men extradited here to the u.s. from britain to face terrorism charges. the suspects appeared in the u.s. federal court today. three in new york city, two others in connecticut. fox's arthur neville has the latest from new york. >> reporter: hours after losing an eight year longfra extradition flight, five terror suspects arrived in new york city in the early morning darkance. al-masri, a partially blind extremist preacher, entered no plea to setting up a terrorist camp in oregon and his role in hostage taking in yemen in 1988 where four died.
11:12 pm
al-majeri will be held in manhattan, along with a citizens of saudi arabia and abdel abdul barry, an egyptian citizens. facing trials that they were involved in the bombings in two u.s. embassies in africa in 2008 and killed 224 people, including 12 americans. >> this morning in new haven, connecticut, the 32-year-old assan and 38-year-old ahmad shown here being led by british police and arraigned on charges of their website, mean laundering, of offering support to insurgents. in britain, the uproar over the extraditions boiled over after friday's ruling to send the men across the pond. >> great britain has become subserveiant to the united states in such a way that it can't administer its own justis for crime committed in this country. >> the fiery sermons at a north london mosque attracted many followers and became a
11:13 pm
gathering points for militants later linked to terror plots. one man, richard reid known as the shoe bomber, and zacarias moussaoui trained to and both serving life 7ences -- sentences in prison. just ahead, a new law stirring up the controversial law. >> the bars in d.c. are staying open until 4 a.m. not everyone thinks that is a good idea. next. when i was younger and... financially stable. we were poor. the mgm casino in michigan. and it changed her life. clerk. way up. insurance... and i make great money. seven will create... twelve thousand jobs. to accountants... and construction workers. place to work with good pay...
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. a courage alert with two big auto recalls to pass along. chrysler is recalling thousands of trucks because of an axle pinion nut that can cause the driver to lose control in the vehicle. it includes ram 1500 dodge dakota trucks from 2009 and 2010. there have been 15 reports of
11:17 pm
rear axle failure and three minor injuries. honda is recalling crv crossovers. the electrical switch in the driver's side door with melt and cause a fire and no injuries or crashes why have been associateed with this issue. but four fires were reported. honda said that owners should park the crvs outside until the recall has been performed. and to many of you, this is a long holiday weekend. a new law in the district will allow some bars to city up late up to 4:00 a.m. on men morning. not everyone thinks that is a great idea. matt ackland has more. >> reporter: the longer hours will take place sunday night into monday morning. the bars approved on this list will be authorized to stay open until 4 a.m. it's something that council member jim graham worries about. >> the key problem is there is no public transporting a. and people who think they want to go drenching until the later hour are going to drive or
11:18 pm
they're going have to take a taxi. that is all they've got. i think the congestion, the noise, the the adverse spillover affects is likely to increase. maybe not this weekend but a program as it expand. >> reporter: he tried to kill the legislation to keep the bars open later and he did not win that fight, but he scored a victory by. >> this weekend out of a possible thousands of licensees, there are only 42 that got permission. >> reporter: there have been concerns about safety when it comes to those bars letting out an hour later. chief lanier said she doesn't see a concern at all because there will be just as many officers ons street at 3:00 in the morning as there are at 4:00 in the morning. in adams morgan, matt ackland, fox 5 news. coming up, a crime spree in
11:19 pm
france. now several suspected terrorists are behind bars. plus, the pope's butler learns his fate after leaking private documents to the media. >> and there could be a new lead in the u.s. consulate attack in labia -- libya. just ahead, leon panetta weighs in on the investigation. those stories are next when the news continues. fina we were poor. the mgm casino in michigan. and it changed her life. clerk. way up. insurance... and i make great money. seven will create... twelve thousand jobs. to accountants... and construction workers. place to work with good pay... question seven. you. we know you. we know you have to rise early... and work late, with not enough sleep in between. how you sometimes need to get over to that exit,
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. the news continues with a huge terror raid in france. police arrested several terror suspects across several cities killing one. they're all linked to a grenade attack on a jewish grocery store last month. the suspects were all of french descent and had converted to islam. the police killed one of the suspects after he opened fire on officers. three officers were hit before the suspect was killed. authorities say that evidence gathered in various hideouts suggested the group was planning another attack. israel jets brought down a drone that entered the airspace
11:23 pm
today for themed terapian sea. they shot down aircraft over israel's southern dessert and it's not clear who launched the drone but the first time in six years that a hostile aircraft is penetrated the airspace. >> we're in the turmoil in the middle east. we're aware of our enemies surrounding us and doing great efforts in the uav industry, and we're aware of these processes; hever, we don't allow any of our enemies to interfere with our airspace here in israel. >> israeli ground systems reportedly detected the drone and jets escorted it before the decision was made to bring it down in a mostly uninhabited area. a group -- . >> peace is universal and love is universal. we're here to let them know that we're americansnd we're not murderers, you know. we're not criminals. we're here to support them to stop the drone attacks. >> meantime, a group of
11:24 pm
american activists joined pakistani protestors in a march to stop u.s. drone strikes. members of code pink outraged by the strikes claim they kill innocent civilians and terrorize peaceful community's in passion's tribal regions. the antiwar group is supporting the motorcade march led by imran kahn, a former cricket player turned politician. tonight, the different secretary's weighing in on the deadly attack in libya saying the u.s. is investigating a potential new lead in the case. the focus? the arrest of two men from too indonesia who may have some connection to the attacks. meanwhile, the obama administration faces new questions from lawmakers. fox's peter dosy has the latest. >> reporter: it's been 25 days since four americans were murdered in libya. the latest word from the defense secretary leon panet a the hunt is -- hunt is still on for people responsible. panetta said it's too soon to
11:25 pm
tell if two too indonesian men arrested in connection with the murders are al qaeda affiliated. >> and we're doing everything possible to make sure that we go after those who were involved in the attack in libya. >> reporter: five days after the deadly raid on the consulate in ben gauzy, the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. susan royce went on five sunday shows and said the attack may have been spontaneous and not necessarily trim, but she said at the time she, quote, relied squarely and solely on the information the intelligence community provided to her, information she said represented the intelligence community's best current assessment as of the date of her television appearances and that is not an acceptable explanation for republican senators mccain, ayotte, and ron johnson who say either the obama administration is misleading congress and the american people, or it's blaming the entire failure on the intelligence community. ambassador rice claims the administration launched a comprehensive effort to determine what happened in bengazhi, but the
11:26 pm
administration failed to secure the scene of the terrorist attack for three weeks. a state department memo showed the security team in benghazi was denied a dc-3 aircraft they were asked for before the attack. there is nothing to prove a plane would have prevented the murders of those four miles hour. in washington, peter dosy, fox news. hearing a sect for a man behind an antimuslim film. he was convictd in of bank fraud in 2010. a judge will decide whether he should be sent back to prison for violating his violations. a few were lying to his parole officers and. palo gabrielle will spend 18 months behind bars for making photo copies of pope benedict xvi ben's private documents and leaking them to an italian journalist. the court reduced gabrielle's
11:27 pm
sentenced, because he had no prior criminal record and admitted to betraying the pope. the former butler doesn't believe he did anything wrong. >> the courts tryke europeal president asked him to say once &for all did he feel guilty or not. he said the emotion he felt strongly was what he did, he did out of the love, a visceral love for the church and the pope. he said he does not feel like a thief. >> despite the verdict, the vatican said a papal pardon is still possible. for now, gabrielle is serving time under house arrest. more fallout involving loose seats on american airlines flights. the crews independent the planes earlier this week and thought they had fixed the problem. on thursday, american said it discovered the real reason why the seats weren't staying in place. a pin that locks them into the aircraft floor could pop out because of wear and dirt. the company said it's reported 42 of 48 planes pulled aside
11:28 pm
and independent. >> my mother and farm, we were in here wednesday of late week. their their departure is delayed by 16 minutes so far. if i were flying, i wouldn't fly with american because of the issues right now. >> the society problem comes as american is trying to recover from widespread delays and flight cancellations in september. some of that was due to ongoing contract negotiations with pilots. a bus carrying 60 people flipped on a new jersey highway. the crash happened near an exit ramp on interstate 80 in wayne. at least 19 passengers were injured and eight seriously. although most suffered cuts and bruises, the experience was terrifying for all riders. >> and i just heard a glass cracking and i look and i saw. i saw my god, what is this. and was laying on the floor. someone was on top of me and had to pull me up off of the
11:29 pm
floor. >> reporter: the authorities say the bus sped down an embankment. the driver may have been speeding. it was reportedly going to brooklyn for a seventh day adventist event. a new york won won her court battle to be disconnected from life-support; however, she may not do it now. the 28-year-old grace lee won complete control over the decision. her parents challenged her right in court saying they thought it would be suicide and that is against their religious beliefs. yesterday, a new york appeals court ruled that the family has no legal right to stop her if she wants to die. so far, she's not made that decision. >> she's having a change of heart. she's consulting with her family and doctors on an ongoing basis. it's a fluid situation as she gets closer and closer to death as a young woman who is clearly terminally ill. whatever she may want fro


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